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frequently asked questions

Do you work on all your projects alone?

I do majority of the projects. But there are going to be times that I’ll have some help from other talented professionals in order to provide you with the best possible result. It’s good to know many talented people in the industry.

How long does it take for a project to be finished?

That will depend on the scope of the project, how fast the client responds, my workload at the moment.

Starting Branding Package: 1-2 weeks
Graphic/ Print Design: 2-4 days
Web Design and Development: 2-5 weeks

How come you don’t have your rates on your site?

The reason for this is because that will depend on the scope of the project. With this kind of work, every project will be different. Other factors that come to consideration are the ff: time, revisions.

Can I get a mix and match different services for one package?

Absolutely! Give me a call or shoot me a message and we will talk about it.

When do we pay?

I do require a 50% deposit of the quoted price before I start a project. The reason behind is I don’t want to put this much time on a project only to have the client change mind and cancel in the process. The rest will be paid after the project is done.