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In case you forget my name is Nerissa Librea. I am Filipino-Canadian. My family moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 2007 from the Philippines. It is where I’ve spent my childhood and majority of my teenage years. Just a bit after high school I moved to Vancouver, BC and took graphic design courses at Vancouver College of Arts and Design (VCAD). I recently graduated from the Digital Media and IT – Software Development program at NAIT. I always have enjoyed growing and learning. I can’t also hide my love for exploring this beautiful planet. It’s always been my dream to do what I love and live this life without the restriction of being in one place. So, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world if you think I can do anything for you, please feel free to message me!



To put a smile on as many faces as I can with my passion and creativity.




I value honesty, fairness, and trust. I will work hard to gain my clients’ trust and respect by providing the best service I can give.


I understand our differences. Every one of us is different and worthy of respect.


I enjoy learning new things. I embrace different and fresh perspectives of producing something creative.


I understand the power of community and working together. I believe we will have better experiences and produce better quality products if we cooperate.


I am open to adventures, challenges, and learning opportunities.


I love our home. I am inspired to take care of this beautiful planet in little ways I could.


To inspire other individuals and businesses to support each other in growing and building a better community.