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Just want to put this here so I can go back to it and remember that moment.

This is written by my husband 4 years ago.


“Imagine you’re at the beach, the sand beneath your feet is the finest you’ve ever touched. You walk into the ocean, water as warm as a freshly poured bath. The beach is lined with clubs and stages with performers fire dancing, singing and hundreds of people partying. You look towards the horizon out over the water and see a picture-perfect scene. Ocean as far as the eye can see, split by island mountains on either side. In the far-off distance over one of the neighbouring islands you see a raging thunderstorm shooting down bolts of sheet lightning to the ground. As you make your way deeper into the water you start to feel the sway of the ocean. The music in the background is so loud and the bass so deep you can feel it in your chest. You begin to lie back in the water and realize all the stars in the sky, thousand, millions of stars joined by an almost full moon that lights up the darkened surface of the ocean brighter than the reflections of the lights of the clubs behind you. Just as you start to grasp the beauty of what you are seeing you think about how it may be ruined by an overpowering sound of club music and drunken party-goers. As you lay your head back further into the water the music is suddenly silenced. All you can hear is the ocean, the sound of sand being pushed around by this gigantic force. The force of the base that you could feel in your chest is now gone possibly dispersed through your body into the larger body of water you now lay in. It goes from the chaos of the party beach to the serenity of stargazing in the nicest sand, warmest water and most calming ocean sway. It’s a perfect moment in time, or at least almost perfect. That is until you go and grab the hand of your love and drag her into the water to lie with you and share the moment together, hand in hand, no need to speak just lay, float and absorb the experience.



July 31, 2019


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