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Do you love yourself? Self-love or self-care is a topic many like to talk about. A good number of influential people discuss how it’s important for our mental health and well-being to take care of ourselves. But can we really say we can take care of ourselves? Our oceans would disagree.

Our oceans are an essential natural resource. They produce more than half of the oxygen that all living creatures breathe. They are a great source of food and feed millions. They contain most life on earth. But here we are continuously (I repeat CONTINUOUSLY) polluting and destroying lives under the waves. The health of our oceans is under threat. Therefore, WE are also under threat.

If we truly give value to our lives, shouldn’t we also take care of our oceans?

Great news! Many projects and organizations – such as Oceana, Greenpeace, The Ocean Cleanup, 4ocean, and many more- are dedicated to cleaning our oceans. But the future of our oceans is not really just up to these guys. Our individual, daily choices matter! All these projects can try to clean the pollution but if people keep throwing garbage where they’re not supposed to go then we are not going to make progress. Changed mindset. That’s why it’s best if we can educate ourselves and others about our oceans and the life within it. The more me know the better we can help to improve the health of our oceans.




Feature Photo by Shifaaz shamoon on Unsplash

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