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Things to think about before meeting your web professional

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To have a website that best serves you and your business, designers and developers need to understand your brand, your business, your market, and many more. We need to have a clear picture of your wants and especially your needs. To help you prepare, here are things you should think about before meeting with your web designer/developer.

1. Purpose of your site

What is the purpose of your site? Is it as simple as a promotional website for your small business? Is it to showcase your works? Or a complex e-commerce site with payment options, user management, etc.?

2. Who is your target market?

It’s good to think about who you want to visit your site. Not only it will give your professional a better understanding of your needs, but it will help design and develop it in a way that’s best for the site.

3. Understanding your targets’ needs

To get more traffic on your site, you should understand why they should go there in the first place. What are you going to provide for them? Again, this will help understand the purpose of the site.

4. Do you have an established brand identity?

Do you have a logo? tagline? Color Palette? Fonts? These are the foundation of your brand. Without a strong foundation, it’s more challenging for us to design the website. You want to have a direction. You want to present your brand consistently. Your site must match your business cards, decals, flyers, or any other marketing materials that you have.

5. Budget

Think about your budget. You should prepare some numbers to tell your designer or developer. Being up front with the budget help us figure out how to handle the project.

Keep in mind, building a custom site from scratch can be costly. Effective websites are not one time cost.

6. Do you need a designer or a developer?

Designing and developing a website are two different things. Do you need a designer, a developer, or both?

7. Prepare for your meeting

Bring something to the table. Have some inspirations to show. Bring your your logo. You want to be able to discuss your needs. We both want to come away with good experience. This is your investment and you want to create a solid foundation for it to grow beautifully.


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